Graduate Record Examination

The Graduate Record Examination or shortened for GRE is a very important exam to consider after graduation. Mostly it is taken for pursuing further studies and as a very important certificate to support job seekers and give them advantages, usually in Canada and the USA and some European countries. One can comfortably say that all universities in the countries mentioned above don’t accept postgraduates and higher degrees without having undertaken the GRE exam.

The GRE exam has three parts. First is the analytical reasoning, then comes the verbal reasoning which tests language and the choice of words and the ability to read and write. Thirdly comes the mathematical test. It tests the logic and some simple mathematics problems and to what extent and ability can an individual solve them. However, it has to be mentioned that the exam has six sections.  One is for analytical reasoning and two each are for verbal reasoning and mathematics tests and lastly there is one extra for the ETS for experimentation as a trial. The score varies from the first section to the other two sections as the first one is graded from 0-6 points then the other two sections are graded from 130-170 points. Succeeding in this exam requires at least 260 points overall. One can say that a score of 300 points is considered average and 318 is considered good and 330 is excellent.

Overall, the exam result is valid for 5 years. It costs $205 – $230 as it is different from one country to another. In conclusion, the exam opens doors for individuals to be able to take their education to the next level or to be able to get a good position in a company.

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